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How many employees in Jiutian?
Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd has built an entire management system with different parts. Among them, the number of workers in R&D, purchase and support branches accounts for about 80% of the total. All workers are critical to achieving their goals. Depending on the company's development, the number of workers may increase.

Jiutian is a professional manufacturer. We are principally engaged in the production of different kinds of rtd sensor pt100. Jiutian produces a number of different product series, including Thermowell. JVTIA rtd temperature sensor is produced completely in line with the standard deviation of color matching put up by America LED lighting industry. It has been verified that there is little light color difference in the product and thus accurate light color is available. The product is found to be compliant with the requirements of CE. We have kept JVTIA more competitive in the world market and promote technology of thermistor temperature sensor to a fast development. Avoiding static sparking that may result in fire, the product provides ultra safety.

We take environmental and energy-related problems into our consideration as early as the planning and development phases. In terms of water consumption, waste management, and energy conservation, we are working hard to achieve progress.
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