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How much do you know about armored platinum thermal resistance?

by:JVTIA     2022-03-25
Armored platinum thermal resistance is a kind of temperature sensor. It is smaller in diameter than assembled platinum resistance, easy to bend, and has good shock resistance. It is suitable for installation in situations where the assembled platinum resistance cannot be installed. The WZPK-174S non-fixed lead type armored thermal resistance produced by Shanghai Automation No. 3 Appearance Factory adopts the introduction-type platinum resistance temperature measuring element. Therefore, it has the advantages of accurate, flexible, fast thermal response time, stable quality, and long service life. The outer protective sleeve of the armored platinum resistance is made of stainless steel and filled with high-density oxide insulators. Therefore, it has strong anti-pollution function and excellent mechanical strength. It is suitable for installation in harsh environments. The armored platinum thermal resistance can be used for measurement. Surface temperature of liquid, vapor and gaseous media and solids on a scale of -200°C to 500°C. Because of its excellent electrical output function, it can provide accurate temperature change input signals for monitors, recorders, conditioners, scanners, data recorders and computers. Response time: T0.5≤5S (when the temperature shows a step change, the output of the thermal resistance changes to 50% of the change, the required time is called the thermal response time, indicated by T0.5). Thermal resistance nominal pressure: generally refers to the static external pressure that the maintenance tube can accept without breaking at room temperature. In fact, the allowable working pressure is not only related to the maintenance pipe material, diameter and wall thickness, but also to its structure, installation method, insertion depth, and the flow rate and variety of the measured medium.
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