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How to avoid the radial type thermometer case of damage?

by:JVTIA     2020-11-26
In preparation for the use of radial type thermometer to measure and work time, the most don't want to happen is measuring instrument case of damage, so what are usually the cause of damage? How to avoid the damage? Radial type thermometer damage is generally appeared in the process of transportation problem. Such as express delivery, due to poor packing, carton packing, or packing weakly caused on the way, fell a measuring instrument, this will directly cause the radial type the measurement precision of the thermometer appear relatively large errors. This type of meter is mainly composed of components and wire welding. If there is a fall on the way, the components and wire will fall off. In a pointer can no longer run. Or dropped the element spacing of deformation. The position of the pointer than there will be changes, etc. A similar situation. Then, how to avoid the radial temperature damage? Had better be packed in wooden cases, with newspaper or is firmly on the bubble, and not let anything moving space, so usually don't have what problem. Here to tell you, don't in order to save money or convenient save trouble and ignored in the process of transportation problem, let the product case of damage, it is the purchaser and supplier don't want to see that happen.
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