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How to choose a temperature sensor is also important

by:JVTIA     2022-02-19
In addition to a variety of RTD and thermocouple sensors, there are different sensor construction types to choose from: standard solid jacket elements (top and middle of the figure) or sensors with shorter sensor envelopes that can be sensitively adjusted in length, designed to speed up response , Provide better oscillation elasticity. Industrial RTD Sensor Overview Temperature Range: The recommended measurement range for RTDs is -200°C to 850°C. When purchasing a new sensor, please inform the supplier of the operating range of the sensor, so that it can select the best materials and manufacturing skills within the operating range. Operation: The working principle of the thermal resistance is that the resistance of the metal element increases as the temperature increases . Structure: Common resistance materials are platinum (Pt), nickel (Ni) and copper (Cu). Because platinum is more stable, linear, and has a wider measurement temperature range, it has become the industry standard today. Although nickel and copper RTDs are still used in existing buildings, most new installations tend to use platinum. In general, high-purity platinum is mainly used to make thermal resistance sensing elements in wire-wound designs (platinum wire wound on a substrate spool) or thin-film designs (pure platinum stacked on a ceramic substrate). Because the substrate materials currently used can remain stable at high temperatures, current thermal resistances can be used at higher temperatures.
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