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How to choose and buy industrial bimetallic thermometer

by:JVTIA     2020-11-26
With the continuous development of society, the use of industrial bimetallic thermometer has enjoyed by all walks of life, choose a good industrial bimetal thermometer, which can reduce the failure rate, and can prolong the service life. Bimetallic thermometer temperature sensing element is two pieces of expansion system made of different metal stitch welding together. Bimetallic strip after heat due to the expansion of the two sheet metal bending length is not the same. The length and width of the linear expansion of the higher the temperature the greater the difference, thus draws the greater the bending Angle, the bimetallic strip are made into spiral tube, this is the working principle of bimetallic thermometer. Instrument for everybody to introduce how to choose a good industrial bimetallic thermometer. The visible part of the bimetallic thermometer to no obvious blemishes and scratches or damage. For printing quality, scale of table board, trademark printing content must be complete, clear and color. Pointer must not have paint tumor, burr; Joint thread must not have crack, collapse, ground bald and sliding tooth phenomenon; Table should maintain a transparent light, no oil, scratches. Fill in the table filling liquid and transparent, no impurities or debris. Measuring range accuracy to conform to the requirements of the level of the equipment used. Apparatus and to introduce you to a bimetallic thermometer: T300C a thermometer, product name: bimetallic thermometer, pointer thermometer, piping, hvac, industrial thermometer thermometer thermometer using field: industry, petroleum, chemical industry, heating system, pipe, hot water boiler, incubator, etc. Three, specification description: models: T300C types: hot shell bimetallic thermometer structure: axial type cover circle: flange type, full stainless steel material: stainless steel SS304 tooth head: 1/2 & quot; NPT other optional surface diameter: 80 mm heat pipe diameter: 6. 35 mm heat pipe length: 150 mm ( 50 - Optional) around 1200 mm. Temperature range: 0 - 120° C ( Can be customized) Accuracy: & plusmn; 1. Table: 5% glass protection grade: IP65 ( Dust, water) Four, product features: the scene display temperature, intuitive and convenient; Safe and reliable, long life, fast reading. Five, use notice: pay attention to the cleaning and inspection, testing on a regular basis. Six, service is introduced: the product we can also be customized according to your requirements, the corresponding parameters can be customized according to your need, in terms of use.
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