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How to clean and maintain fabric air duct? Fabric air duct cleaning 6 steps

How to clean and maintain fabric air duct? Fabric air duct cleaning 6 steps


In the food industry or dusty workshop, the air duct will be cleaned according to the demand. The market share of fabric air duct is increasing year by year. In this paper, the cleaning and maintenance method of fabric air duct is introduced by JvtiaDuct.

1, The dirty inner surface turned out, soak in cold water for 15-30 minutes, according to the degree of dirty, appropriate use of detergent (does not contain softener).

2, Wash with cold water or warm water (not more than 35℃), do not strong twist.

3, Fully rinse and shake dry, should be dried in the sun, not exposed to the sun, so as not to wrinkle due to heat.

4. The system with serious pollution may need to be cleaned several times.

5, Cleaning qualified standards for clean surface without any attachments, zippers, hooks and other accessories intact.

6, Large projects may be divided into several cleaning, each part of the cleaning should be carefully checked and according to the drawing marks to confirm the quantity, to avoid leakage of washing, loss!

The above is a fabric air duct maintenance and cleaning method shared by JvtiaDuct. JvtiaDuct has accumulated experience in the design and implementation of fabric air ducts for various types of projects at home and abroad, and has summarized several sets of fabric air duct installation methods for different places.

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