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How to identify thermocouple chromium and nickel - Across the electrodes of nickel and silicon thermocouple _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Thermocouple linearity, thermoelectric emfs is bigger, so can be used for oxidizing, inert atmosphere. But k type thermocouple cannot be directly used for sulfur, reducing or at high temperature reduction, oxidation atmosphere and vacuum alternately, is also not recommended for people with weak oxidizing atmosphere. Method of differential thermocouple is negative and the other type thermocouple is negative electrode method. Thermocouple is very nickel-chromium alloy (containing 10% chromium kp) , the negative is extremely containing silicon 3% nickel silicon alloy ( kn) 。 Therefore, with the magnet can be easily identified thermocouple of positive and negative pole. As for the other thermocouple is negative to distinguish is also very simple, such as nickel and chromium - Nickel silicon thermocouple, it has obvious color to distinguish the two root silk, there is a green, one is gray, green is positive, if is the thermocouple wire, you can use a small magnetic materials, on the cathode surface, the root is the gray silk, attractive if it is negative.
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