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Thermocouple head
How to install thermo sensor ?
See detailed product page or contact our Customer Service to find Self-Install Instructions and What to Know Before You Put an Order. Customer service becomes involved from the moment the thermo sensor is commissioned at your premises, and we will give you the support throughout its service life. Our Customer Service will ensure the provision of fast, expert service.

With the advantage of rich experience and high quality thermocouple, Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd has gained market recognization for the strong manufacturing capability. Jiutian produces a number of different product series, including thermocouple head. The semiconductor of JVTIA rtd thermometer is easily damaged by static, thus, electrostatic protection method is adopted in the assembly step to protect the semiconductor from invalidation or even damage caused by static. It has the advantages of accurate temperature measurement. The product can retain its color. The excessive dyes being deposited on the fabric surface have been thoroughly removed and eliminated. It can be used to measure the surface temperature of liquids, gases, and solids.

We have built our manufacturing sustainability strategy. We are reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, waste and water impacts of our manufacturing operations as our business grows.
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