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How to obtain the accurate value of temperature for platinum rhodium S-type thermocouple

by:JVTIA     2022-02-06
Platinum-rhodium S-type thermocouple: Ordinary type thermocouple is usually composed of thermode, insulating tube, protective sleeve and junction box, etc., platinum-rhodium S-type thermocouple is composed of thermocouple wire, insulating material and metal protective sleeve. After combining the devices, they are stretched and processed into a soft composite body. Platinum-rhodium S-type thermocouple: The armoring in the armored thermocouple refers to wrapping the insulating material and the metal protective sleeve on the surface of the thermocouple wire like armor. The role of armoring is to protect the thermocouple wire, adding a protective layer inside the thermocouple, such as stainless steel pipes, nets, etc., to prevent corrosion in acid and alkaline conditions.
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