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How to operate K Type Thermocouple?
Follow the directions while working K Type Thermocouple. In case you need help, phone us for necessary technical guidelines for maintenance and operation. We can encourage you in merchandise operation with an extensive package of solutions to guarantee you get the operational parameters supplied, we are convinced that you'll receive K Type Thermocouple installed correctly under our instruction.
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Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is dedicated to the Thermowell programme and delivers world-leading production efficiency. temperature controller produced by Jiutian is very popular in the market. The lightbulb efficiency of JVTIA rtd thermocouple is dramatically high with the help of R&D team. They are trying their best to prevent the loss of the light. It has good sealing performance, ensuring electrical safety. The product is able to stand up high temperatures. The wood materials used will cope extremely well with the increased temperatures within the sauna room. Seamless welding is guaranteed to be applied in the joints of the product.
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Jiutian Temperature Products always listens earnestly and objectively to the needs of the customer. Please contact us!

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