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HS82 and HS84 Systems Accurate Temperature Control

by:JVTIA     2020-06-18
METTLER TOLEDO's new HS82 and HS84 hot stage systems offer easy to understand and simple to operate solutions for temperature control or heat flow measurement under a microscope. Their dual heater furnace design guarantees outstanding temperature uniformity in the sample. Brand new controller offers easy One click operation and at duration maximum flexibility e.g. method programming with up to 99 isothermal and dynamic temperature segments. METTLER TOLEDO is ready to announce the launch in the new Excellence Hot-Stage Engineering. The HS82 hot-stage system offers the answer in all situations the location temperature of very small samples has to be regulated in a limited space and where the samples have to be observed at the same experience. If you want to simultaneously record a change in the appearance of the sample and the calorimetric behavior, the HS84 DSC hot-stage system is a good choice. The heart of all hot-stage systems is the furnace with a heating element beneath and above the sample, which guarantees outstanding temperature uniformity in the sample. The new HS 1 control unit provides you with a wide color touchscreen display. This allows intuitive operation with your finger and delivers clear information to the user. If repetitive measurements are required, one press of a key element (One Click) is sufficient to start a stored method the system looks after the rest. The possibility to pause or accelerate the temperature program or switch to cooling during the running measurement using the buttons on the touch screen or the manual keys gives full temperature control to the user. Thermal events can be marked on the temperature contour. Access to the sample chamber from above means that the sample can be easily inserted and, if necessary, mechanically manipulated. With 56 thermal elements, the new, robust FRS5 ceramic sensor in the HS84 is highly sensitive and has unprecedented temperature resolution. It is therefore ideally suited to all of possible applications for this DSC hot-stage. Evaluation of the DSC curves measured with the HS84, graphical processing, and documentation may be easy using the evaluation window for this STAR software. For more on how METTLER TOLEDO's hot-stage systems can be of assistance in the lab, please visit
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