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Imaginative design of fabric air duct

Imaginative design of fabric air duct


The fabric air duct is a flexible air delivery terminal system made of special flame retardant fiber, which has the advantages of uniform air supply, anti-condensation, light weight and simple installation. Mainly used in cold storage, workshops, venues and other tall space due to its flexible material characteristics, so in the design can be flexible, to meet and cooperate with different site environment and conditions. Next, let's look at some unexpected designs of fabric air duct.

1. Two machines in parallel, one standby one use

This design scheme is used in Guangdong Sansheng pharmaceutical cold storage, storage temperature 2-8℃. The two devices are placed opposite each other and connected to the plenum via a fabric air duct. One device is running, and the other device is standby. The key of the scheme is to set check valves at the air outlet of each device to prevent airflow colluding. The advantage of this design is that even if a device fails, it can still ensure the normal environment in the library, and it is suitable for some places sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

2.Transition in the middle, perfect connection

This design scheme uses the Qianfoshan De Wei cold chain project, which has a beam diaphragm in the direction of air supply. After Jvtiaduct technical engineers on the spot survey, in the case of no damage to the beam structure, the design of the middle use of iron box transition scheme. After ventilation test, the appearance of smooth and beautiful, good air supply effect, has been recognized by customers.

3. Variable air volume design

Variable air volume fabric duct is a patent design of JvtiaDuct fabric duct, which is mainly used for breeding and incubation projects. Due to the strict requirements of plant and animal growth on temperature and humidity, it is necessary to control different temperature and humidity in different stages. This design can meet the tuyere demand of different air volume by adding a covering layer at the air outlet, and ensure the normal operation of the air distribution pipe when the equipment changes the air volume.

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