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In a wide variety of applications in the field of temperature and humidity thermocouple sensor

by:JVTIA     2020-11-12
Thermocouple temperature and humidity sensor, with its own advantages, is widely used in scientific research, agriculture, hvac, textile, machine room, aerospace, power and other industrial department, the application has a very wide range of areas, the next project will introduce to you specific humidity of thermocouple sensor is superior performance:

one, in the museum of cultural relics, archives management, use the

this is another area thermocouple temperature and humidity sensor applications. Archives of paper in the appropriate temperature and humidity conditions can store some more time, and once the temperature and humidity conditions being destroyed paper is going to become fragile, important information will be gone, for temperature and humidity records of archives is necessary, can prevent the happening of the malignant accident. Thermocouple sensors will use temperature and humidity to simplify the temperature and humidity record of work, also will save the cost of a cultural relics preservation to scientific, this work is not too many human factors of disturbance.

2, in the use of the vaccine cold chain

in the vaccine, vaccine and other biological products from pharmaceutical factory finished product warehouse shipments, to give people get cold chain storage and transportation process, through to its environment temperature monitoring records, can confirm the quality, ensure the immunization effect. Thermocouple temperature and humidity sensor is convenient and reliable way to solve the problem.

different vaccines and vaccine for storage and transportation environment temperature have different requirements. To ensure the safety of the bacteria, vaccine in the process of storage and transportation process must be conducted on the environmental temperature of storage and transportation process inspection records, and should be fully automated testing record, should not have any man-made factors, in order to improve the reliability of data. High quality and high precision of temperature and humidity thermocouple sensor can perfect finish this function, because it can be in the absence of external power supply can also record for a long time.

3, in the field of building materials experiments using the

in the process of building materials, especially the concrete dry, we should pay attention to its drying trend, this is one of the evaluation index of the product, also provide reliable data for the construction of the building. Application of temperature and humidity thermocouple sensor can record the data and provide building materials research, will provide beneficial help for the construction. Especially in military architecture, time is life, accurately grasp the enemy, the concrete dry time first to effectively provide effective force to provide the guarantee on the battlefield, this function can be performed by thermocouple temperature and humidity sensor.

4, used in the agriculture and animal husbandry

agricultural and livestock production, especially some economic crop production, in the seedling stage to record temperature and humidity value in detail. Such as to determine some seedlings growth characteristics have what kind of relationship with temperature, humidity, etc. , it also need thermocouple temperature and humidity sensors for data acquisition and hard. There are, of course, not every young plants need to be temperature monitoring, forestry, after all, is a relatively thick line production mode.

5, use in food storage and transportation,

due to the time of storage and transportation of food is not a short-term problem, but the relative equilibrium moisture in food preservation is to ensure food safety is an important indicator of relative balance humidity affects the growth of colonies. Aimed at this situation, the use of temperature and humidity thermocouple sensor real-time monitoring temperature and humidity changes, to ensure food safety into the consumer's mouth.

when long-distance transportation or Marine refrigerated food, how to prove in the receiving of the goods has been at the specified temperature and humidity conditions is a very important thing. Approach is to settle the dispute at the time of delivery in the cargo hold thermocouple sensor, a temperature and humidity, and start it, it will faithfully record the whole transportation process, temperature and humidity changes, the shipper will know immediately if there is a responsibility. At present many famous fast food enterprises in the use of temperature and humidity thermocouple sensor.

that's project to provide a variety of applications in the field of temperature and humidity thermocouple sensor, you can do some reference, according to the above content wants to help users can appropriate to learn some knowledge of some applications of humidity thermocouple sensor, after when the choose and buy, can comprehensive consider to choose suitable for their own instruments.

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