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In those years, the thermometer prices do you still remember?

by:JVTIA     2020-11-26
Memories over the past few years although didn't stand on what great things in the world, but domestic things constantly, wenchuan earthquake, coal mine collapse, southwest drought, dust storms, the SARS virus, ten years ago, have recently stalls MERS virus, may be too not know how to cherish and protect to the environment, will appear such disease to punish people, it is time to should pay attention to the environment around us! Do you remember SARS ten years ago. Exceptional long bird flu, the illness is urgent and heavy, so many schools are of a school, to go out after have forced wearing surgical masks, get later pharmacy radix isatidis, surgical masks and thermometer is out of stock. Our school is no exception. Even the extern also can't go home to have a meal at noon. Hard work of parents can only put the meal at lunchtime brought their children. At that time, one at noon is spectacular, students flock to the school gate, parents with eating utensils crowded in the outside, can not open the door, had not noisy, door is opened, worried parents just like the tide wanted to their children. My classmate's father was also bought his ear thermometer forcedly, murmuring to two in the morning and evening, early prevention, safety first. 。 。 。 。 。 Look, in every corner of the school gate, flower bed side, the eaves, under the big tree, table tennis table, filled with Wolf children, I was among them. Is really memorable day. Because of bird flu, such an ordinary mercury thermometer swelled badly. Seems to be ranged from 3 yuan a to ten yuan a. So, had the adults urges a sick child, no matter how to also cannot fell the thermometer. Usually when a small thermometer at that time almost become a treasure. Now think about it, maybe the mercury thermometer like pocket which I saw at the moment the working principle of the glass tube liquid level meter is the same but are small objects. The weather is getting hot, pay attention to the surrounding environment, pay attention to the temperature of every day.
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