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Industrial bimetallic thermometer the installation of female and male

by:JVTIA     2020-11-26
More and more along with the industrial applications of bimetallic thermometer, has been favored by all walks of life, choose a good industrial bimetal thermometer, which reduce the failure rate, and can prolong the service life. Industrial bimetallic thermometer is the use of two different expansion coefficient of metal composition, temperature sensing element is a bimetallic strip, so also known as the industrial bimetallic thermometer. Now becoming more and more developed industrial society, industrial bimetallic thermometer is widely applied in the industrial, so in the industry, industry now bimetallic thermometer is most often present in the line, staff through installed on the pipeline industry bimetallic thermometer temperature control, in order to test equipment usage. According to the pipe thread interface, select the matching industrial bimetallic thermometer install screw teeth. ( Contains the female and male, that is, according to the thread in bimetal tube wall after medial or lateral) 。 In general, when the pipe joint on the original device is male connection, in order to match with the original joint, then you should use the nipple industrial bimetallic thermometer. When installation should pay attention to joint thread must not have crack, collapse, ground bald and sliding tooth phenomenon; Finally tell you, for the installation of the bimetallic thermometer, need special attention when choosing installed measuring position, had better not choose in a corner of the valve, elbow or equipment, to guarantee the measurement end of the thermometer and has sufficient heat exchange between the measured medium.
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