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Industrial thermocouple matters needing attention in installation has the following six o 'clock

by:JVTIA     2020-11-08
A, install industrial thermocouple should consider is position, to consider its future maintenance and overhaul; Second, the industrial thermocouple teeth and size measurement, choose good teeth; The major diameter of the three, can according to the teeth, in need of measuring pipe hole above; Four, the screw tooth holder directly inserted into the nearly a good hole in advance, will the teeth and the need to measure welding pipe; Five, the twist of the industrial thermocouple directly into nearly welded teeth seat; Six, according to the wiring of the drawings, please connect the thermocouple junction box, also need to connect and display instrument, the junction box outlet hole must be down, mainly is sealed to prevent undesirable phenomena, or water and dust into the cause of wiring terminal short circuit, small make up need to remind everybody, connection box can never be measured any contact between the pipe wall, make sure the temperature inside the box must not exceed 0 The range of 100 ℃.
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