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Installation of fabric air duct

Installation of fabric air duct

  1.   When mounting the suspension system bracket and installing the steel rope suspension system, pay attention to the spacing and height of the steel rope, and be sure to be accurate. When installing, the steel rope suspension system should be tightened and straightened as far as possible.

  2.   Install the fabric air duct system inlet on the metal joint.

  3.   Notify the suspender on the pipe to connect the air duct system pipe.

  4.   The ducts of the bag air duct system of each part are connected by zippers.

  5.   Straighten the system and fix the end of the bag duct on the suspension system with the steel rope clamp.

  6.   Adjust the basket bolts so that the suspension system is straight under the weight of the system.

  7.   Install the suspension points at intervals of 8-10m. The suspension points should be vertically aligned with the suspension system.

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