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Integrated temperature transmitter selection, main characteristics, technical indices, respectively is what _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Integrated temperature transmitter has simple structure, saves the wire, big output signal, strong anti-interference ability, good linear, simple display instrument, solid module earthquake moisture-proof, reverse connection protection and current limiting protection, reliable work, etc. Integrated temperature transmitter usually divided into thermocouple and thermocouple type two kinds. Transmitter components is miniaturization, can be installed within the thermocouple, thermocouple junction box, output standard current or voltage signal; This saves expensive compensation conductor, and improve the anti-jamming ability and signal transmission in the process of long distance transducer parts with high precision, low power consumption, wide range of using the environment temperature, stable and reliable work. And because of the silicone rubber sealing structure, shock resistance, resistant to moisture in the transmitter, suitable for harsh field environment, integrated temperature transmitter has linear correction function, thermocouple temperature transmitter with cold end temperature automatic compensation function. Technical indicators: adopt silicon rubber, or epoxy resin sealing structure, so the seismic, moisture resistance, suitable for installed at the scene of the harsh environment use, field use within the thermocouple, thermocouple junction box, 4 - direct output 20ma、0- 10 ma, the output of the signal. Such already save expensive compensation conductor, and improve the anti-interference ability in the process of signal transmission over a long distance, thermocouple transmitter has the cold end temperature automatic compensation function, high precision, low power consumption, use of wide temperature range, stable and reliable work, wide applicable scope, can form integrated with thermocouple, thermocouple installation structure, can also be used as a functional modules installed in the test equipment and used the dashboard, the intelligent temperature transmitter with hart modems and PC communication or handheld device and the PC to the transmitter model, index number, the range of remote information management, configuration, variable monitoring, calibration and maintenance functions, intelligent temperature transmitter according to user's actual need to adjust the transducer according to direction, and display the measured medium temperature transmitter, sensor value, output current and the percentage rate of change.
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