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Internal Support Design of Fabric Air Duct

Internal Support Design of Fabric Air Duct


Internal Support of Fabric Air Duct, it has two design styles. One is 360° support fabric air duct, the other is 180° support fabric air duct.

First, we will talk about 360° support fabric air duct.

1.360° internal support system analysis

In practical use, because of the static pressure to maintain the shape, such as no internal support system in the case of no ventilation is usually not a regular shape, at the same time in the moment of ventilation, due to the instantaneous change of shape, usually accompanied by noise and huge vibration, seriously affect the use and life of the air duct. In order to solve the problems existing in the existing technology, a 360° inner support fiber fabric duct system is proposed, which can maintain the appearance by itself. The inner support system adopts the inner ring skeleton support, so that the wall of the fabric air duct system is stressed tight, and the complete circular pipe appearance is maintained when the system is not blowing, eliminating the slack and sagging phenomenon of the fabric air duct system when the air is not blowing, so that the air duct is more beautiful; Avoid the impact noise of the air volume on the end when the system starts, reduce the impact force of the system on the air duct, and effectively prolong the service life of the air duct.

2.The inner support fabric duct composition structure

The inner support component is mainly supported by the ring skeleton, using 5mm diameter closed ring, with strong hardness, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, bending resistance and other advantages, the service life can reach more than 15 years.

Different diameters correspond to different specifications (the tension of the closed ring is (0.5N-10N), the closed ring is inserted into the interlayer of the reserved air duct, and the position of the end of the air duct or the change direction of the air duct is provided with a support piece. The straight pipe is generally set with a support ring about two meters, and finally all the fiber fabric air duct is tightened; When there is no ventilation, the duct maintains its shape by the circumferential tension of the closed ring and the tensile force at both ends of the duct. At the moment of ventilation, the pipe produces instantaneous static pressure, but because the surface of the duct has a certain tension, it does not produce noise and shake, so as to achieve the effect of noise reduction and vibration reduction.

Second, it's 180° support fabric air duct

180° support barIt is mainly used to keep the air duct in a certain shape without air supply. The support strip is fixed inside the air duct by nylon buckle, which is easy to disassemble during cleaning and maintenance. Aluminum alloy semi-circular supporting cloth bag air duct is mainly used.

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