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Introduced a new NTC thermistor probe Ametherm component

by:JVTIA     2020-11-11
Ametherm introduces new NTC thermistor probe component
Ametherm has introduced a new series of NTC thermistor probe assembly and the ear ring terminal high precision temperature sensor and measurement. Fully customizable to meet the specific needs of any application, PANR series equipment can be used in all kinds of houses and traverse survey, at the same time provide quick response time and 4 KV isolation voltage.
Ametherm NTC thermistor is a special formula in the production of metal oxide ceramic material induction temperature accurately. PANR detector components using the same materials in a variety of shell provides the ear ring terminal, make the surface of the simple and safe installation in transformer, motor, air sensors and hvac system.
replace PT100 thermocouples provide a kind of high stability, PANR components experience minimum value from their initial electric drift. Equipment function from 0. 5Ω Resistance & 25 deg. C to 250. 0Ω ,β From 3500 K to 4500 K, 3 mW / & deg; The ionization constants of C, 40. 0 s thermal time constant and the maximum of 125 mW of power. Four component provides an installation hole diameter. 4 mm.
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