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Inventory that something new thermocouple sensor

by:JVTIA     2020-11-12
With the rapid development of society, the thermocouple sensor industry from the old fool into the current intelligent networking, some can even through a remote terminal to monitor and control on the spot, the following is by engineering to inventory the following intelligent thermocouple sensor for everyone of those things.

1 SONY releasing intelligent tennis thermocouple sensors can track users performance

in August 2014, SONY has released a new thermocouple sensor, designed to help users to tennis skills to the next level. The intelligent tennis thermocouple sensor is SONY and Wilson cooperative development results, it can be fixed at the bottom of the tennis racket, and by supporting the application connected to mobile devices. The app for Android and iOS platform, and through bluetooth and equipment matching, and users will be able to see all sorts of visual data and statistics. In addition, the application also supports social network sharing.

the thermocouple sensor diameter of 31. 3 mm, weighing about 8 g, data can record up to 12000 strokes. For in January next year is expected to launch time, sells for $200.

2 byd pioneering high integration integration current thermocouple sensor

in July 2014, byd's pioneering high integration integration current thermocouple sensor. Byd's all-electric E6 carrying BLX9 - 200 i0v1ha and byd Daimler joint brand potential BSX9 - carry by 600 iov1ha current thermocouple sensor, all by shenzhen byd microelectronics co. , LTD. , independent research and development design, and it has obtained the national patent ( ZL201220429774. 2) 。 Thermocouple sensor is based on the current high ASIC technology integrated design, and adopt more couplet of current thermocouple sensor solutions. The scheme requires broke the conventional way of three thermocouple sensor, integrated design, for domestic initiative.

compared with the conventional scheme, byd thermocouple sensor of hall will be chip, current operational amplifier, filter and temperature compensation integrated on a single chip, higher reliability, lower failure rate. Compared with the traditional way of assembling more solid, more stability, fully meet the strict requirements of various kinds of road conditions for automobile electronic devices. At the same time, byd thermocouple sensor scheme a single 5 v power supply current, effectively reduce energy consumption of the system. An integrative design, make electronic components smaller, save a space effectively.

3 ABB to launch a new generation of independent type optical fiber current thermocouple sensor

in August 2014, the world's leading power and automation technology group, ABB announced the launch of the latest generation of optical fiber current thermocouple sensor, to complement the company's fiber optic thermocouple sensor products. A new generation of optical fiber current FOCS - the name of the thermocouple sensor FS from its independent type ( 免费站) In the design.

the characteristics of a new generation of optical fiber current thermocouple sensor is a digital interface performance make it become the ideal product of digital substation deployment, promote the adaptability of future demand for substation automation. Products also obey the IEC61850 communication protocol, open system which can realize the interoperability with other suppliers to provide equipment. A new generation of optical fiber current thermocouple sensors will be applied to current measurement in 245 kv and 800 kv substation applications.

'ABB, a new generation of independent type thermocouple digital optical fiber current sensor solutions will promote the development of digital substation, power grid become more intelligent. 'ABB high pressure head Giandomenico Rivetti said. ' new product more efficient energy saving, the purpose is to reduce the substation footprint and improve security. 'Conventional current and voltage in substation equipment based on oil and sulfur hexafluoride instrument transformer. However, these devices are very heavy, some weigh several tons, and takes a lot of space.

a new generation of optical fiber current thermocouple sensor for broad temperature range accuracy demanding performance requirements are put forward. New product itself immune to magnetic saturation effect, making it a capture the transient current, short circuit current and direct current compensation of the alternating current ideal solution. Compact design helps to reduce the substation footprint, this is due to the need of space compared to conventional instrument transformer are smaller. In addition, do not use the oil gas to reduce the risk of explosion, more energy efficient new products.

ABB optical fiber current sensor thermocouple is based on Faraday effect principle, namely with a magnetic field to infer the precise electric light traffic. Used in high voltage substations of ABB products include optical fiber current thermocouple sensor combination separation circuit breaker optical fiber current sensor, thermocouple optical fiber current thermocouple sensor complete sets of equipment used in high voltage equipment, such as gas insulated switchgear and generator circuit breaker.

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