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Is JVTIA thermistor thermometer repurchase rate high?
JVTIA's thermistor thermometer appreciates the top repo rate. Our products are made of the finest materials and are processed with innovative technology, which is very popular among consumers. Since inception, we have been following the ethics of the industry and improving the satisfaction of our customers, not only attracting more customers, but also maintaining friendly relationships with our long-term customers.

With a high reputation in the domestic markets, Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is regarded as a strong competitor in the manufacturing of ntc thermistor 10k. Jiutian produces a number of different product series, including dial thermometer. Inspected by the quality supervision department, JVTIA ntc thermistor is certified as the green light product and related certification mark is attached on its label. The product is well received by customers from Europe and South America. Jiutian highly values efficiency and will promise on-time delivery for our customers. It provides a wide measuring range of temperatures.

We regularly ask our stakeholders for comment and feedback on our sustainability program. We work towards our targets over the year and monitor our progress quarterly to make sure that we are meeting them.
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