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Is there instruction manual for Thermistor?
We design a useful instruction manual for Thermistor to facilitate the installation process. There will be both a detailed description and vivid pictures printed on each page of the manual. If there is any demand for an electric version of the instruction manual, we will send them to the customer through email. The content is the same as the paper version, and it is also offered for free. For customers from overseas countries, we will recommend them to use the instruction manual in an electric version.
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Being a reliable manufacturer, Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd has been providing high-quality thermowell thermometer. We have been engaged in design and production for years. The Thermowell series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. JVTIA temperature controller is developed with complicated electrical or electronic technologies. CNC technology, the microelectronic technique, and sensor technology have been adopted into its development by mechanical engineers. The product contains almost no microbial contaminants. Because the whole production is conducted in a dust-free workshop, there is less likely to produce microorganism. The product is endowed with a strong overload capability.
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