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J type thermocouple installation and use _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Chongqing instrument WR series industrial thermocouple as the temperature measurement sensor, usually with temperature transmitter, controller and display instrument, such as process control system, to directly measure or control in the production of a variety of 0 Fluid over a range of 1800 ℃, steam and gas medium and solid surface temperature. J type thermocouple installation and use of J type thermocouple installation location to facilitate the construction and maintenance. Beside the oven door should be avoided, or from the heating body too close and strong magnetic field, temperature does not exceed 100 ℃ the junction box. Installation position should be kept vertical, but in a worthy of the oblique flow rate must be installed. Junction box out of the hole should be down. With ceramic protection tube of thermocouples must avoid thermal shock, to prevent blowout, when installation should choose not to hamper the heated objects move. Porcelain pipe protection measure fluid temperature. Thermocouple should be in accordance with the provisions, wiring, lead to avoid heat source, compensation conductor when wiring the polarity is not against. Always check the status of the protection pipe, immediate measures should be taken to find the oxidation or deformation. To check on a regular basis. Thermocouple is composed of two different components of the conductor when two ends synthesis loop, when the two junction temperature is not at the same time, will produce thermal current in the circuit. If the work end of the thermocouple with the reference entity temperature difference, display instrument will indicate the thermocouple thermoelectric potential of the corresponding temperature value. Electric hot thermocouple will grows with the temperature measuring end, it is only with the size of the thermocouple temperature at the ends of the materials and relevant, has nothing to do with the hot electrode length and diameter. The appearance of all kinds of thermocouple is often due to the need to vary, but they are roughly the same basic structure, usually by the hot electrode, insulation sleeve to protect the main parts such as pipe and connection box. Main technical characteristics of thermocouple measuring range and basic error limits category basic error code number index measuring range limit of nickel and chromium - constantan WRKE0-800 ℃ + 0. T 75% nickel chrome - nickel silicon WRNK0-1300 ℃ + 0. T platinum rhodium 40-75% platinum WRPS0-1600 ℃ + 0. T platinum rhodium 30-25% to platinum rhodium 6 wrrb0-1800 ℃ + 0. Note: 25% t t the measured temperature value for the thermal element ( ℃) Thermocouple time constant level of thermal inertia time constant ( A second) Level of thermal inertia time constant ( A second) 90-180 Ⅲ 10-30 Ⅱ Ⅳ 30-90 < 10 thermocouple nominal pressure: generally refers to the working temperature protection tube can withstand the static pressure and rupture. Minimum thermocouple insertion depth: should not be less than 8 to 10 times of the protective casing diameter ( Special product exception) Insulation resistance: when the air temperature around 15 to 35 ℃, relative humidity 80% when insulation megohm (5 or more Voltage is 100 v) 。 Thermocouple with splash proof junction box, when relative temperature is 93 + 3 ℃, insulation resistance or 0. 5 ohms ( Voltage is 100 v) High temperature insulation resistance: thermocouple under high temperature, the hot electrode ( Including double branch) And protecting tube and double heat insulation resistance between the electrodes ( Per metre) Should be more than the value given in the table below. Rules of use for a long time temperature ( ℃) Test temperature ( ℃) Insulation resistance ( Ω) P 60060072000 80080025000 100010005000 or higher order information when you place an order or more users ( 1) Product name ( 2) Product model ( 3) The index number ( 4) Protecting tube material and diameter ( 5) The length L and insertion depth 1 ( 6) The number ( 7) Fixed thread M ( 8) The special technical requirements.
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