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Jvtia Elegant Demeanour

Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is committed to higher, faster and better corporate services.In the course of business operation, we always focus on customers. Jvtia employees are earnest, practical, passionate and positive in their work. Actively show the company's style in each project site, united as one. The company to scientific and technological innovation, continuous improvement, quality first, customer satisfaction for the quality policy, Jvtia brand air duct has become the supplier of many enterprises. We are in line with ensure product quality, to provide customers with quality service is our purpose, look forward to working with you sincerely, create a better future!

Contract Cooperation Timing

All franchise contracts are valid for one year

Regional protection

It is limited to being operated by the authorized areas of franchised stores and is fully protected by strict market rules.

Supplied Policy

Promotion materials(video, catalog&sample card) will be provided.


Can even start with 1 pack. Ready to ship right after payment .

Margin and Initial fee policy

No margin and initial fee.

Freight Policy

The freight charges shall be borne by the franchisees

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