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junction box, switch box, two-gang box or lunch box - which box do i use?

by:JVTIA     2020-10-27
These are all electric boxes of different types (
Except lunch boxes, of course).
The location and type of cabling you are doing will determine which type of box to use.
Lunch boxes will be used when the work is completed.
Before we discuss a particular type of box, let\'s discuss something that applies to all types of boxes first.
* All electrical connections must be included in the electrical box.
The box shields building materials and other flammable materials in the event of fireworks.
* All boxes must be accessible.
Do not cover the box with drywall, paneling or other wall covering.
* If the electrical junction box only holds splicing wires and there is no equipment such as switches, a blank cover plate is applied.
* The electric box shall be fitted with a front edge flush with the finished surface of the wall or ceiling.
If the space between the finished surface and the edge of the box is greater than 1/8 \", the box extender should be installed.
* Make sure your box is deep enough to avoid heavy wires.
It must be deep enough so that the switch or socket can be easily installed without pressing the wire or damaging the wire.
The electrical code determines how many wires each box size can hold according to the cube
Inch capacity of the box.
For example, 14 lines account for 2 cubic inches and 12 lines for 2. 25 cubic inches
When counting the wire, count the fixture or device as a wire.
Unless you don\'t have space on a wall or ceiling, it\'s always safe to use big boxes.
The electric box has different materials and different shapes.
By familiarizing yourself with different types of boxes, you can choose the right box for your home cabling project.
The material door box is usually made of plastic or metal.
Plastic: * plastic electrical box is the most widely used box for indoor residential wiring.
They are cheap and easy to install.
However, since you can\'t grind the plastic box, some local codes do not allow grinding or are only allowed for certain purposes.
Please consult the local construction department before using the plastic box.
* Some plastic boxes have holes with the remove label.
These boxes are not built in-
In the clip, the cable is not fixed in the appropriate position by the box.
If you use this type of box, you have to use a cable clip to pin the cable within 8 inch of the box.
* Plastic boxes are easier to damage than metal boxes, so buy extra boxes just in case.
Never install cracked boxes.
* Most are crispy;
Do not use them where they are not built into the wall.
The exception is an outdoor box made of super PVC.
* Do not use with heavy duty fixtures and fans.
Some plastic boxes include nails that hold the box on the frame material.
Metal: * metal electric box is stronger than plastic box and provides better ground connection.
* The metal box must be grounded to the circuit grounding system.
Connect the circuit ground wire to the box with tail fiber green wire and wire nut or ground clamp.
* The Cable entering the metal box must be clamped.
* The \"linkable\" box can be removed and United to make room for two or more devices.
Remodel: * These are sometimes called Oldwork or cut-in boxes.
* When running the cable to install the new equipment to the old wall, use the retrofit electric box.
* Plastic refills boxes have \"wings\" and metal refills boxes have expandable clips or curved ears that can be fixed to the wall.
Outdoor boxes are usually molded plastic or cast aluminum.
Molded Plastic: * these boxes are used with PVC pipes in outdoor wiring and exposed indoor wiring.
Cast iron: * these are required for outdoor fixtures connected to metal pipes.
* To prevent moisture, they have sealed seams and threaded openings.
Rectangle (2\"X3\")
Trade name \"One-
Gang \": * these boxes are used for switches and sockets. *One-
Gang boxes may have removable sides that can be combined together to form two-gang boxes. Square (4\"X4\")
Product Name \"four-
Square \": *\" plaster ring \"is used as an adapter to accommodate the following configuration: 1-Gang, Two-Gang, Three-Inch or Four-Inch Round.
* When the square box is only used for splicing cables, called the electrical junction box, a blank cover plate must be used.
Octagonal commodity name \"three-
0 \": * These are wire connections that contain ceiling fixtures.
* Some octagonal electric boxes have stretchable brackets that can fit any pallet spacing and be nailed or screwed to the frame material.
While choosing the right electric box for your project helps ensure the successful completion of the wiring project, always respect electricity and follow safety precautions.
Never work on live circuits.
Before the work starts, the circuit should be identified and turned off on the panel, marked to let others know that the circuit is working.
Confirm power off using the voltage tester.
Electrical work can only be carried out by confident, experienced people or licensed electrical contractors.
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