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JvtiaDuct Fabric Air Duct in Vietnam Hans Factory

JvtiaDuct Fabric Air Duct in Vietnam Hans Factory


Vietnam Hans factory is a large textile enterprise in Vietnam, whose products are exported to Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, India and many other countries.

Due to the humid weather in Vietnam, the textile factory needs to keep ventilation and dry from time to time to ensure that the textiles will not be damaged by moisture. Therefore, Hans factory has installed the fabric air duct to ensure indoor air circulation and temperature control.

In addition, Hans factory conducted an in-depth comparison of iron duct, composite duct and fabric air duct in the early stage. Finally, the fabric air duct won the competition due to its advantages of light weight, cheap overall price, almost no load on the top of the workshop, steel wire suspension, short installation cycle, customized color and integration with the roof color.

JvtiaDuct fabric air duct is connected between each section by an industrial zipper, easy to disassemble and clean, and in the air supply, still can maintain 90% of the degree of fullness.

After installation and debugging, JvtiaDuct fabric air duct exceeds the design requirements and creates a good production and working environment for the processing workshop. The whole workshop is cooled evenly without dead corners, and workers feel comfortable and work more efficiently.

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