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JvtiaDuct Fabric Air Duct —— The combination of solid mechanics and aesthetics

JvtiaDuct Fabric Air Duct —— The combination of solid mechanics and aesthetics


Today, with the concept of "green and healthy" gaining more and more popularity, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of their environment. Natural and fresh air is a necessary condition for people to live a high-quality and healthy life. In recent years, the haze weather in China has become increasingly aggravated, and the air quality continues to deteriorate, posing a great threat to human health. In order to avoid the harm caused by air pollution, people are gradually transferring outdoor sports to indoor sports grounds, gyms and swimming pools, and entertainment shopping to shopping plazas, exhibition halls and science and technology museums. The population density of these places is larger, the residence time is longer, the activity of the corresponding personnel is larger, the heat dissipation, the moisture dissipation and the emission of carbon dioxide is more. When people choose these places, the first thing they consider is the ventilation environment. In these places, the advantages of fabric air ducts, such as light weight, convenient installation, various shapes and colors, have been recognized by the majority of users.

JvtiaDuct fabric air duct air distribution is very efficient, the whole pipe can be 360 degrees of air, air outlet area is large, uniform air supply. In the air conditioning project, good comfort for indoor personnel is guaranteed, with low supply wind speed, no blowing sensation in the personnel area, and good comfort. Michi fabric duct creates an efficient and windless air distribution and a good indoor climate.

JvtiaDuct fabric air duct uses the air permeability characteristics of the fabric material to solve the condensation of the pipe and does not need insulation. It makes the fabric air duct system light in weight, simple and convenient in installation, and high in systematization.

JvtiaDuct fabric air duct is a customized open-fitting product, with a variety of colors and shapes to choose from, as well as a variety of air outlet forms, which not only meets the requirements of air supply but also meets the appearance of beautiful.

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