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JVTIADUCT fabric air duct,The key points of fabric duct design are analyzed.

JVTIADUCT fabric air duct,The key points of fabric duct design are analyzed.


   Due to the flexibility and permeability of bag type air duct, its design is obviously different from that of hard air duct. The following points should be noted when designing airbag air duct.                                                            

   1. The air flow at the inlet of the air distribution pipe shall be as stable as possible. When it is difficult, static pressure box or rectifier grid shall be set to eliminate rotation and absorb airflow;                                                      

 2。 The wind speed at the air duct inlet shall be 6~8m/s. The high-speed air flow forms a negative pressure area at the inlet, which cannot ensure the full state of the air duct.                                                         

 3. The static pressure in the air duct shall be 2.5 times of the dynamic pressure. The longer the air duct is, the greater the proportion of static pressure and dynamic pressure is.                                                                 

  4. The static pressure of the normal air distribution pipe is 80~150Pa, and the pressure is too high, which is easy to cause the air pipe to break when the fan is started.                                                                                            

 5. The designed pipeline shall be straight as far as possible to prevent unnecessary bends and branches, so as to reduce the resistance of the pipeline.                                           JVTIADUCT fabric air duct system technicians are service engineers who have been trained by the Technical Center and have obtained corresponding qualification certificates. They are equipped with fully imported and professional precision testing instruments, adjust patented air volume regulating valves and air pressure regulating valves, and debug the system until the design effect is achieved. Professional installation can ensure the service performance, service life and aesthetics of the whole system, which is necessary to ensure the final system quality. Professional commissioning can make up for problems caused by original design changes and actual site conditions.

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