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Key points of scene investigation of fabric air duct

Key points of scene investigation of fabric air duct


Fabric air duct is a new type of ventilation duct in HVAC system. The material is made of non-combustible polyester fiber, and the air is supplied through the surface opening. It has the characteristics of uniform air supply, light weight and easy installation.

Fabric duct is mainly used in air conditioning and cold chain industries, with air conditioning cabinet, air cooler or iron duct. Due to the characteristics of the dry material itself, it is necessary to avoid conflicts with other hard pipes in the construction. Therefore, the scene investigation before construction is particularly important. The scene investigation of fabric air duct should pay attention to the following points:

1. Coordination of air duct and fire pipe

Fire fighting is related to the safety of personal life and property, so the fire fighting facilities of a building are very important. When the fabric air duct is used in the air conditioning industry, most of the fire fighting works will be encountered. Therefore, the design and installation of the fabric air duct should avoid the conflict with the fire fighting pipe as much as possible, and keep a certain distance from the fire fighting pipe.

2. Coordination of air ducts and lighting appliances

The intersection of fabric air duct and lighting appliances often appears in the cold chain industry. The dry cold storage should make more use of the internal space, so most of the lamps and air ducts are required to be mounted on the top, so there may be a conflict between lamps and air ducts. And the coordination of illume lamps and lanterns also should avoid as far as possible from the design. When the design can not be avoided, in the scene survey should be timely proposed, timely make subsequent changes.

3. Coordination of air duct and cable bridge

The cable bridge occupies very little space in the project, and the eye is mostly against the wall cloth, so there is less conflict with the fabric duct. Even if there are crossovers, they can be resolved with minor changes. Therefore, as long as the field construction and electrical construction team can be done in a timely manner before the construction, it can reduce the conflict with the cable bridge.

4. Coordination of air duct and shelf height

The coordination of fabric duct and shelf is the most common problem in the cold chain industry. With the support of national policies, more and more large cold storage, three-dimensional storage began to build. Owner in order to more efficient use of cold storage space, will be as much as possible in the ascension of the rolls shelf height, space for duct modern left no son, once the duct comes into contact with the shelves, there may be wear, broken or damaged by forklift, therefore the design of the duct height must be good communication with the owners, in advance through different forms of the wind or the height of the duct shape design is reasonable, Avoid unnecessary trouble in the later stage.

Fabric duct is different from traditional iron duct. Site investigation before construction is an essential part. Only good preliminary work can ensure smooth operation in the later period. Jvtiaduct fabric duct system has advanced design and technical team, at home and abroad has accumulated various types of project design, implementation experience, and summed up a number of installation methods for different places, to ensure to provide customers with the industry's leading service and quality store quantity guarantee.

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