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Load thermocouple sensor is introduced

by:JVTIA     2020-11-12
1. Load thermocouple sensor principle:
consists of one or more to produce deformation of the elastomer after stress, and can detect the shape of the variable resistance strain gauge bridge circuit consisting of ( Such as the wheatstone bridge) Can, and the resistance strain gauge fixed paste should be variables on the elastomer and the conduction glue and protection of electronic circuit of the sealant of three most load thermocouple sensor.
  2. Load the working process of the thermocouple sensor:
after by external force, resulting in the elastomer strain gages deformation resistance, resistance change overbalance the wheatstone bridge consisting of output with a linearly proportional changes of the external force electricity electrical signal
3. Load of the thermocouple sensor material:
3 - 1. Elastomer material:
load thermocouple sensor elastomer material, generally choose metal material, can choose the material of most of aluminum alloy material, alloy steel materials and stainless steel material. Alloy material has both stiffness to ensure consistent deformation and deformation recovery, good weather resistance and anti-corrosion performance. Elastomer main requirement is to accurately transfer force information and keep in force at the time of the same deformation consistency and completely reset.
  3- 2. Strain gauge and resistance element materials:
the composition of resistance strain gauge complex, is a complex products, the combination of the copper base material and the strain of the strain gauge is protean, according to the requirements of the strain, at present, there are about one thousand kinds of products. General, base material with polymer thin film materials, strain material for high purity constantan. Different substrate constantan through optical processing after etching induced deformation resistance wire grid. As a result, the quality of the resistance strain gauge is not only related to substrate material and composite metal purity, and composite process, etching, etching chemical materials and post-processing technique of process and material and so on factors related.
  3- 3. Strips of adhesive material:
the resistance strain gauge patch with adhesive mainly adopts bicomponent polymer epoxy adhesive series, the performance of high polymer chemical products and the components that is closely related to the physical and chemical indexes, such as purity, molecular chain structure and size, storage time, ratio of components, molecular modification, mixing method, hybrid curing time, curing time, curing temperature, additives and percentage.
  3- 4. Sealant material:
in welding technology and equipment is not fully load in the initial stage of thermocouple sensor, adopt special silicone sealant series. Silicone rubber with long-term chemical stability, therefore, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, ageing resistance, insulation performance is excellent, all sealant has long been the preferred products.
  3- 5. Load of the thermocouple sensor wire material:
wire is still part of the load thermocouple sensors, load thermocouple sensor wire metal, due to the wire using household appliances, quality differences have experience. After all wires are bridge circuit of power supply and signal output voltage, long-term incentive compensation pathway, silver plated than copper wire transmission effect is good, copper wire than aluminium wire transmission effect is good, its effect is self-evident.
as, all kinds of high frequency interference, such as radio waves, more and more, good shielding load thermocouple sensor is also important way to protect the signal stability. Pest erosion, in addition, the environment infringement, fire retardant and so on also need thermocouple sensor material corrosion protective layer the insects for fire and explosion prevention, even need to use armor protection, such as casing protection method.
  3- 6. Lead sealing materials and methods:

load each part of the thermocouple sensor performance will affect the final thermocouple sensor technology, some only using simple fixed way to avoid the movement of the thermocouple sensor wire and damage the thermocouple sensor of the electronic circuit is fixed, some of the transmission distance is short load thermocouple sensors or even just rely on glue sealing fixed. But a larger volume, weight, larger load thermocouple sensor, if there is no proper wire way of fixed or seal, is the most easy generation load thermocouple sensor fault bottleneck. Especially with sealing head fixed conductor, the material of fasteners and fastening strength also can give force influence the final technical performance of thermocouple sensor. Observers found that there are few use fastener installation use sealing glue, so that you can avoid relying on fixed clamp force of residual stress, also won't because of a shortage of fastening force and leakage problems.

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