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Main characteristic of DS18B20 digital temperature sensor

by:JVTIA     2021-01-06
DS18B20 digital temperature sensor main features:

1, to adapt to more wide voltage range, voltage range: 30 v ~ 55 v, the parasitic power supply mode can by cable, power supply;

2, unique way of single wire interface, DS18B20 in connected with the microprocessor need a mouth line can be realized only when the microprocessor and the DS18B20 two-way communication;

3, DS18B20 to support more networking function, multiple DS18B20 can be in only three lines in parallel, achieve network multi-point temperature measurement;

4, DS18B20 in use do not need any peripheral components, all sensors and conversion circuit integration within the form such as the integrated circuit of a triode;

5, - 55 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃ temperature range, in - 10 ~ + 85 ℃ accuracy of + / - 5 ℃;

6, the resolution of the programmable for 9 ~ 12, respectively corresponding to distinguish temperature 5 ℃, 025 ℃, 0125 ℃ and 00625 ℃, which can realize high precision temperature measurement;

7, in nine resolution up to convert temperature to digital in 9375 ms, 12 resolution up to convert temperature to digital in 750 ms, faster;

8, measurement results, direct output digital temperature signals, with '1-wire bus' serial transmission to the CPU, can send CRC check code at the same time, with a strong anti-jamming error correction ability;

9, negative pressure characteristics: power supply when meet the polarity, the chip will not burned by hot, but it can't work normally;

the DS18B20 digital temperature sensor contour and the internal structure of the

DS18B20 internal structure is mainly composed of four parts: a 64 - bit lithography ROM, temperature sensor, the temperature of the nonvolatile alarm trigger TH and TL, configuration register. The appearance of DS18B20 and pin is arranged as follows in figure 1

figure 1: DS18B20 pareto diagram shape and pin

DS18B20 pin definition:

1, the DQ for digital signal input and output end;

2, GND for power;

3, VDD to external power supply input terminal ( In the parasitic power connection mode grounding) 。

figure 2: the DS18B20 the internal structure of the

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