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Main technical parameters of thermocouple _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Characteristics of thermocouple thermocouple assembly is simple, easy to change; Compression spring type thermal components, ant-vibration performance is good. Temperature measurement range is large; High mechanical strength, good compression performance; Thermocouple principle of thermocouple electrode is composed of two different conductor material. When measuring the temperature difference is with the reference, the can produce thermoelectric power, the instrument will show thermoelectric potential corresponding temperature value. Main technical parameters of thermocouple product standard IEC584IEC1515GB/T16839 - execution 1997 jb / T5582 - 91 five, normal temperature thermocouple insulation resistance at ambient temperature for 20 plus or minus 15 ° C, relative humidity is not more than 80%, the test voltage for 500 (plus or minus 50 v Dc) Electrodes with > 1000 Ω insulation resistance between the outer casing. m。
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