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Marine thermometer price

by:JVTIA     2020-11-26
Marine thermometer is a common external standard type Marine thermometer. The external standard thermometer is also called the SKA thermometer, SKA the working principle of the thermometer is the use of liquid temperature measuring principle of heat bilges cold shrink effect: when the temperature changes, the glass ball in the liquid volume expansion or contraction, will happen to change into the liquid column height in capillary, which indicates the temperature change. Marine thermometer is generally used in measuring the temperature of the engine block, cylinder, water warehouse. The Marine thermometer price how many? Marine thermometer price is according to various parameters to set prices, prices vary parameters. The instrument to introduce you the parameters of the Marine thermometer when ordering: SKA the upper of the thermometer is aluminium by polishing or sandblasting and anodic oxidation into gold, to uncover her nakedness for copper, when high temperature iron material is qualitative. The upper (thermometer Calibration tube) Length, the probe length ( Including thread) The temperature range ( ℃ ℉ dual scale must indicate) , connecting thread, probe material. The thermometer temperature liquid. Installation method: straight or 90 ℃ Angle.
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