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Mettler Toledo Launches The Worlds First Head

by:JVTIA     2020-06-15
Compact, head mount temperature transmitters have been a typical sight in chemical plants for decades. Calibration of analytical sensors requires a transmitter with keys with a display, which has prevented the head mount concept being used for pH/ORP, conductivity, and oxygen sensors. With the new M100, METTLER TOLEDO has defied this convention. The average production facility contains hundreds or even thousands of field instruments, of which most are of the 'fit and forget' type. They go unnoticed due to their inconspicuous design and lack of local human machine software. Analytical sensors, on the other hand, have not followed this trend and continue to require a transmitter sufficient enough to include keys alongside display due to their frequent need for calibration. Based on a compact, head mount design, METTLER TOLEDO has, with its new M100 transmitter, circumvented the conventional approach. The combined head mount transmitter / sensor concept applied to analytical parameters has been made possible due to METTLER TOLEDO's Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology. ISM enables sensors to be calibrated away from the process in a location such as a workshop. Calibrated sensors can then be swapped quickly in the field. This feature, called Plug and Measure, means measurement point start up is fast and error-free, and can be accomplished without complicated routines. Involving Plug and Measure, the M100 does not dependability from their flooring local operator interface. The M100 2-wire transmitter series is designed to throughout the process industries and is certified intrinsically safe for installation in hazardous areas. In addition, online sensor diagnostic tools enable predictive maintenance, and helps to ensure maximum plant uptime, measurement point reliability, and process efficiency and shelter. The M100 is the earth's first head mount transmitter for analytical measurements. Santa Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology, the M100 requires neither a display nor a local operator interface and is therefore kept extremely compact and sturdy. This leap forward in analytical field instrumentation is possible because ISM enables analytical sensors to be calibrated away from the process in a more convenient location. Upon connecting a calibrated sensor, the M100 automatically recognizes the sensor and configures itself accordingly, without operator treatment. With this new approach METTLER TOLEDO provides outstanding transmitter solution for pH/ORP, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen measurement. Find out more information on the M100 transmitter:
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