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murata electronics introduces smt ptc thermistors.

by:JVTIA     2020-10-27
North American village Electronics (), Smyrna,Geo.
As an innovator in electronics, the company has launched three new 0603 packaging machines to suit the need for job cuts in the computer and automotive markets.
Two of the positive temperature coefficients (PTC)
Thermal resistance with surface mounting technology (SMT)
Package is the first package to be introduced: PTH9C is used for temperature sensing in power transistors, power diodes and power ICs, and PTH8C is designed for overload protection of rechargeable battery packs and their chargers.
The third product, PTH8L, is a lead-packaged thermal resistor that is also designed for overload protection.
\"The launch of these innovative new products fills an important gap in the computer and automotive markets, because they are small in size and have multiple applications.
\"SMT 0603 package makes the thermal resistor high-
The installation of the density and the temperature sensing allow for a great change.
Cost per product
Valid for re-
Welding requirements.
In addition, they have excellent electrostatic discharge resistance (ESD)
Mechanical vibration and shock.
The thermal resistor is mainly used for temperature sensing and circuit protection, for cd-
Roms, CD converters, cassette tapes and tuners, battery chargers, power supplies and printers.
They also exist in auto parts such as electric seats and sensors.
Murata\'s new thermal resistor is ideal for about $0. 15 to $0. 20 per unit.
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The company is headquartered in manna, Georgia, and has a manufacturing plant at Penn State University.
Murata is a leading patent holder in the telecom, computer/peripherals, automotive, communications and electronic data processing market and a global manufacturer of ceramic electronic components.
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