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Nickel aluminum alloy with nickel chromium alloy type K thermocouple is the most common general thermocouple

by:JVTIA     2020-11-12
K type thermocouple: nickel aluminum alloy with nickel chromium alloy K type is the most common general thermocouple.
it is cheap, can be in - 200° C - 1350 & deg; C range using various probe. Nickel-chromium alloy of nickel and chromium alloy. Thermocouple based on nickel and nickel aluminum alloy aluminum, but there are usually small amounts of manganese and silicon.
K type thermocouple used for the measurement of many different types of the environment, such as water, mild chemical solution, gas and dry area. They may be the engine, oil heater and boiler. They are also used as a thermometer in hospitals and food industry.
K type thermocouple is the most commonly used, and all of the thermocouple, they also have some disadvantages: they need to be carefully calibrated before use, the output signal is very small, and there may be a noise problem. They are also easy to produce stress, strain and corrosion, especially as their aging. Type K, however, has the special problems related to its use.

K type thermocouple is usually in 540 & deg; Use C above temperature. To limit excessive error, it is recommended to use the oxidation or completely inert atmosphere, the scope for - Between 200 and 1260 & deg; C。
K type thermocouple is only a short period of time remained stable under certain temperature, then they tend to drift in the direction of is. Size depends on the temperature drift. For example, in 1093 & deg; The reading of the C, they may drift up to 5 degrees. Less than 371 and over 760 & deg; C alternate or cyclical exposure can produce unstable measurements. 427 - 649° C exposed for a long time makes them age faster.
nickel - chromium alloy Thermocouple is one of the main metal magnetic nickel. Made of magnetic material the characteristics of the thermocouple is when the magnetic material to the Curie point their output step change will happen, K type thermocouple is about 354 & deg; C) 。 Nickel chromium alloy elements by the so-called & other; Green decay & throughout; The influence of. This happened in 815 - 1040 ℃ environment of oxygen reduction. This kind of running out of oxygen environment called reduction, K type thermocouple should not be used for reduction or cyclic oxidation and reduction atmosphere. In addition, they should not be used in the sulfur in the environment, because they are brittle and fast break. In addition to the short time, the presence of chromium that they should not be used for the vacuum cleaner. This is because the vaporization may happen.
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