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Nickel chrome - The advantages of nickel and silicon type K thermocouple _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Nickel chrome - Nickel silicon type K thermocouple date has the advantages of the commonly used thermocouple dividing S, B, E, T, J, K, etc. , these are all standard thermocouples. K type that nickel chrome - among them Nickel silicon K type thermocouple, it is a cheap thermocouple to measure high temperature. Because of this alloy has good high temperature oxidation resistance, can be applied to oxidizing or neutral medium. K type thermocouple it can measure the high temperature of 1000 degrees for a long time, short-term measurable to 1200 degrees. It cannot be used for reducing medium, otherwise, the corrosion soon, in this case can only be used under 500 degree measurement. It is much cheaper than the S type thermocouple, the repeatability is very good, the thermoelectric potential is large, and thus the sensitivity is high, and it has a good linear. Although the measuring accuracy is slightly low, but can satisfy completely the requirements of industrial temperature measurement, so it is the commonly used industrial thermocouple.
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