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Notes on the dial bimetallic thermometer operation analysis

by:JVTIA     2021-01-19
What is a dial bimetallic thermometer? Dial thermometer mainly refers to some pointer thermometer, such as the bimetallic thermometer, pressure type thermometer, etc. Bimetallic thermometer works are based on ring around made sex bent bimetallic strip of a product, according to the installation direction, mainly divides into: universal type, axial and radial. Dial can do Φ 25 mm diameter of the smallest, the largest Φ can do 150 mm, which are frequently used in domestic is Φ 100 mm; The measuring temperature range for - 40 - 600 degrees Celsius, more commonly used is 0 150℃; Precision grade 1. Level 5. Dial thermometer to measure the form and its installation fixed in the form of accessories, in use process must be carried out in accordance with the instructions operation, according to the instructions for its operation and installations, both in accessories and operation need to strictly abide by the instructions and next in daily use process must have a certain understanding to its, its optimal disadvantages to clear. The thermometer can be divided into various types available in the market, has a dial thermometer, mercury thermometer and other different types of thermometer, different types of thermometer the use way and use scope is different, for measuring object is different also, therefore, must be carried out in accordance with the instructions operation problems prevent operation later.
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