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NTC thermistor B value is introduced

by:JVTIA     2021-01-06
NTC thermistor is a kind of commonly used thermal resistor, in the industry, electronics, electric power, machine tools, and other fields has a certain application. When we were in the use of NTC thermistor for NTC thermistors B value has ever know? Engineering today is to introduce specific NTC thermistor for everyone B value, hope you can help to you.

B value is thermistor material constant, namely thermistor chip ( A kind of semiconductor ceramic) After high temperature sintering, the resistivity of formation has certain data, each only a B value formula and sintering temperatures, so the kind of material constant.

B value can be measured at 25 ℃ and 50 ℃ ( Or 85 ℃) When the resistance is calculated after. B value positively related to the product temperature coefficient of resistance, that is to say, B value, the greater the its temperature coefficient of resistance.

1 ℃ temperature coefficient is higher, the resistance value of the rate of change. Using the following formula B values can be converted to temperature coefficient of resistance, temperature coefficient of resistance T ^ 2 T = B value to the point of absolute temperature conversion) NTC thermistor is in commonly 2000 k - B 6000 k, can't simply say B value is big, or as small as possible, to see where you are using. In general, as temperature measurement, temperature compensate and inhibiting surge resistance with the products, under the same conditions is B value larger good. Because as the change of temperature, B value of product changes its resistance value is bigger, that is more sensitive.

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