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NTC thermistor temperature sensor installation and application requirements

by:JVTIA     2021-01-06
At the design temperature sensor installation, because of product features and installation location, at the time of installation of temperature sensors will encounter this or that problem, for example: the temperature sensor installation position will affect its corresponding velocity, probe installation of sealing, sensor installation simple or complex, temperature probe shell material selection and so on, these will affect the performance and service life, only properly installed temperature sensing device, select the probe shell material, can accurate temperature measurement, accurate counting.

in the product structure design, the NTC temperature sensor ( The probe) Installation has been the most concern of the engineer friends, how easy, convenient and effective temperature sensor installation? In fact is the best way to combine your product temperature sensor manufacturers can provide all kinds of style, design specifications, model of sensor shell.

in the case of NTC temperature sensor response speed depends on the probe of shell material, probe the shell wall thickness, the thermal conductivity of epoxy resin adhesive properties, the size of the NTC head size and so on. The water in the large thermal conductivity and thermal conductivity, relatively small in the air, the speed of response is not the same. Protecting tube inner diameter and outer diameter of different will not have an impact on response times.

the NTC temperature sensor installation should pay attention to the mechanical strength, especially pay attention to the installation location is not allowed to have water in order to avoid the probe filling and sealing moisture permeability damage the NTC thermistor chip. In addition, in order to avoid the protection tube heat loss will affect the temperature of the element, you also need to consider the flow and the protecting tube insertion length, appearance, heat insulation, thermal insulation, and other issues.

in addition, you should also note that the temperature sensor in the installation, should choose the typical installation location, as far as possible to avoid blind Angle installation, avoid the strong magnetic field or heat source, reduce the influence of external factors on the results. And temperature sensors can best vertical installation, to prevent because of the high temperature deformation, pipe bend very good installation location. Also, pay attention to health protection and maintenance of the temperature sensor, to guarantee the normal work of the sensors.

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