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our research shows the temperature sensors market is ...

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
The temperature sensor market is expected to grow from $5.
It was $13 billion in 2016.
From 79 billion to 2022, the compound growth rate was 4.
8% between 2016 and 2022, download the PDF brochure here: bit.
Ly/2fudxz6 79 market data sheet and Figure 107 are available on page 202
Depth TOC on the temperature sensor market
Global Forecast by 2022 \\ \"The base year used in this study was 2015 and the Forecast period was between 2016 and 2022.
At present, the semiconductor industry, the automotive industry and some process industries such as metal, catering and plastics are increasingly demanding temperature sensors.
This is due to increased demand from industrial end-users for sensing technology, as well as increased car production in economies such as Japan and India.
The report aims to estimate the market size and future growth potential of the temperature sensor market in different segments such as product types, end users and geographic locations.
High demand for temperature sensors by industrial end users, increasing concern for safety and monitoring, strong demand for consumer electronics, and the development of the emerging market automotive industry, government initiatives on environmental and safety norms are expected to drive market growth during the forecast period.
The introduction of microcomputer system technology into temperature sensing is a major growth opportunity in the market.
If you need help in this study, please fill in your details and talk to the analyst here: bit.
Ly/2eWDZ0m, a key player in the market: Most companies in the temperature sensor market play an important role as service providers and system integrators, they form an integral part of the temperature sensor market ecosystem.
In 2015, the entire temperature sensor market was operated by Texas Instruments (U. S. )
Simulation equipment company(U. S. ), ABB Ltd. (Switzerland)
Honeywell International Limited(U. S. )
Meixin Integrated Products Co. , Ltd. (U. S. ), Siemens AG (Germany)
Danah company (U. S. )
Gruppen, Fort conburg (Norway)
TE Connect Ltd. (U. S. )
Emerson Electric (U. S. )
Panasonic Corporation (Japan)
General Electric Corporation (U. S. )
Italian semiconductor companyV. (Switzerland)
Micro-chip technology company (U. S. )
And NXP SemiconductorV. (Netherlands).
The development of new products and the increase in the number of mergers and acquisitions in the industry has promoted the development of the entire temperature sensor market.
The demand for temperature sensors by industrial end-users is increasing, and the global automobile industry is booming, which further promotes the development of the entire temperature sensor market.
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