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Pack Your Diwali Gift Hampers With Surprises

by:JVTIA     2020-06-13
For centuries, Indians celebrate Diwali and for decades they revel into gift-giving craze. Even though celebrated every year, this festival has not lost its charm and enthusiasm, though when it comes to mail Diwali gifts, Indians come back to old ways of giving. Breaking this norm, young generation is always up to make something totally new and the result is innovative gift options that replace the oldies like sweets, chocolates, snacks, idols, pooja thalis and the likes. The new portfolio of Diwali hampers now include luxury watches, pens, iPads, Smartphones and even toasters and sandwich many. This new set of Diwali Gift Hampers is likely to make jewellery redundant as the yellow metal has seen sharp increase in prices. Here are some options of Diwali gift hampers you can send to your family, parents & kids. Gift Hampers for Family If you are away from your family, your presence will make an ideal Diwali gift for the members of ones own. But if this isn't possible, send Diwali gift hampers to India or wherever your household is, publicize your presence felt. This time, send laptop by using a web-camera towards your family so that they can see the face while chatting along with you. A Smartphone like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S III likewise make nice Diwali limit. Gift Hampers for Parents This festive season, send something that keeps your aged parents fit and healthy. Health is our real wealth and to enjoy our life to the fullest, you need to have healthy body and healthy self. Here are some health equipments for your parents: morning walker, treadmill, stepper twister and exerciser bike to ensure that they're healthy and fit. These equipments maintain diabetes and blood pressure in limit. Frequent monitoring of blood sugar and BP is essential in old age, and therefore, blood glucose monitor and BP monitor come easy. Digital thermometer, acupressure slippers and the body massager could boost their. Gift Hampers for Men If your guy is a couch-potato, your Diwali gift hampers to him in order to be movies & music. Surprise him with DVDs or VCDs of movies from different genres like action, animation, comedy, drama, family, romance and thriller. You will additionally love watch these movies, a person are give him DVD/VCD companies. If your man is organising a long trip during this Diwali vacation, you can buy him an electronic camera or perhaps camcorder. For gadget-freaks, MP3 players, iPods, headphones, video players, laptops, web cameras and other computer accessories are great Diwali hampers. Gift Hampers for Women No jewellery, no cosmetics, no wristwatches, no apparels for women; this Diwali, try something she never expected. For about a woman, kitchen is her kingdom (or queendom), even if she can be a working lovely lady. And therefore, this time convert her kingdom into a smart kingdom. Gift her latest toaster/griller, tea/coffee maker, food processor, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, units. Barware, cookware, dinnerware, nonstick cookware, storage and containers also make any ordinary kitchen the often most successful kitchen. Really helps to shed her not waste time on cooking and she will spend a lot more time along with you. It's your benefit! Apart from the above Diwali gift hampers, you trigger something fresh, new. Break the stereotype and consider some innovative gift designs. For a creative brain, sky's the limit. Use permutation & combination and make your unique Diwali gifts and send Diwali gift hampers to one's loved ones wherever may possibly.
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