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Patio Heaters - How They Work

by:JVTIA     2020-06-13
First, it significant to note each one radiant patio heaters work on the actual same principle of infrared heat. Each uses it fuel source to create infrared energy (like the sun's light waves) to make components or emitter screens reach a particular infrared frequency (an orange glow). This orange glow is then directed by a reflector to heat objects (radiant heat). The objects can then put off ambient heat, making the temperature rise 10 - 25 degrees, in the vicinity of the patio heaters. In this article, we will be discussing gas patio heaters, their construction and operation. Patio Heater Construction A gas patio heater, whether propane or natural gas, is made from a base or mount, a post or bracket to the hold the patio heater head, a gas line, a gas regulator, a control valve, a thermocouple or thermopile, an ignitor, a pilot, a burner, an emitter screen in addition reflector. The gas can be supplied the pipe propane line or by a Liquid Propane Tank. The only difference between a Natural Gas and Propane Patio Heater is the regulator, the burner orifice and the pilot orifice. Patio Heater Operation Once the Gas is to the Patio Heater, it first goes the particular regulator. The regulator dampens the gas pressure on the proper volume and pressure designed for your control valve and burning. After the gas has been regulated, it continues through the gas line to the control valve. The control valve can then be placed in the 'Pilot' position. Once in the pilot position and when using the control knob depressed., the gas then flows on the pilot. Pushing the ignitor will spark the gas to build a flame from the pilot. The pilot warms the thermocouple and sends about 120 millivolts of electricity to the control device. A small magnet in the control valve will move, allowing the gas to flow to the burner. No gas will flow on the burner, until the control know is turned allowing a flexible amount of gas to circulate. Once the control knob is looked to the desired amount, the gas might flow for the burner. The gas coming form the burner will ignite among the pilot, that is still utilizing up. The flame from the burner will impinge upon the patio heater emitter screen, making it glow orange. This orange glow is an infrared energy frequency or light wave, that creates radiant heat. This radiant heat starts t move outward, like the light source wave and bounces heli-copter flight reflector, like light in the mirror. The concave construction of the reflector bounces the radiant heat out and downward, usually in a 10 foot radius or 20 foot diameter. Once the light wave or radiant heat strikes an object, it warms the subject. The object that has now become warm, throws off ambient heat, heating the location and air in the vicinity belonging to the patio heater. Note that radiant heat is unaffected via the air, nor does it heat area. The more objects in the vicinity among the patio, the ambient heat will be created and also the more spot near the patio will be going to heated. The gas and propane gas areas ignited through burner is converted chemically to water vapors and carbon dioxide. For this reason, all gas burning outdoor patio heaters, should only double in an outdoor area with proper ventilation.
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