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Pipe welding method of thermocouple _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Pipe thermocouple welding method, including the following steps: ( 1) Thermal casing pipe thermocouple hole through the pipe with pipe welding, thermal casing diameter and tube and pipe opening closely cooperate with inner hole diameter, clearance of 0. 05 ~ 0. 15mm; ( 2) Tube with heat pipe is perpendicular to the pipe installation, then welding; ( 3) Of the tube material is not less than the tube of metal materials; ( 4) Tube with heat pipe welding points K1 welding groove is 45 degrees, K1 = 8 ~ 10 mm; ( 5) Header and pipeline welding point of K2 welding groove is 45 degrees, K2 = 12 ~ 15 mm. The advantages of this invention is that conform to the requirements of the thermocouple by the welding methods in place to use, to achieve the service life of cycle, safe use and can correct determination of the temperature, fully meet the use requirements of the high temperature and high pressure under the condition of high velocity.
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