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Platinum rhodium thermocouple need to pay attention to the details of the _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Some details we need to pay attention to in industrial production, and we need for platinum rhodium thermocouple to the attention of some details so we need to pay attention to what aspects? Let it in the process of reproduction without a problem? We know that the platinum rhodium thermocouple is a type of thermocouple. Platinum rhodium thermocouple, thermocouple is also precious for platinum rhodium thermocouple, it is also a common temperature measurement components, it can be used for the temperature of 1600 degrees, if it is in a relatively short time it can also be used in the temperature of 1800 degrees. Its thermoelectricity is very good, oxidation resistance is good too. Usually we will have the staff to check it, but there are some problems will be forgotten, so what kind of problem for technical personnel can forget? Platinum rhodium thermocouple accidentally wire bending is also easy to be ignored, because I not only thin but also soft silk, so it is easy to deformation will occur. If its deformation after platinum-rhodium thermocouple thermoelectric property will have influence the result of the test. So every time we check all pay more attention to the dual silk. Platinum rhodium thermocouple pair wire clean degree is very important, if platinum rhodium thermocouple wire pair were contaminated, or oxidation, it makes have a black silk surface. This time will finally its accuracy. Followed by platinum rhodium thermocouple its length, we also look at thermocouple temperature measuring the width of the place you leave enough. Actually mentioned in metal thermocouple check rules, the length of the thermocouple it is can not less than 750 mm, because if some of the details we need to pay attention to in the industrial production of thermocouple, the shorter the greater the error of it. Length is not enough there will be a negative error, the shorter the greater the error of it.
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