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Pressure of the thermocouple sensor wiring method and installation key points

by:JVTIA     2020-11-12
Pressure thermocouple sensor is a kind of common measuring instruments, are widely used in aerospace, military industry, petrochemical, oil, electric power, ships, machine tools, pipe, etc. Users use the product need to master the application of knowledge, engineering today is to introduce the specific pressure thermocouple sensor wiring method and installation key points, hope you can help to you.

pressure thermocouple sensor wiring method

the thermocouple sensor wiring has always been one of the biggest customers purchasing process consulting, many customers do not know how thermocouple sensor wires, in fact all kinds of thermocouple sensor connection mode of the basic are the same, pressure thermocouple sensor there are generally two wire, three wire system, four wire system, some have five wire system.

pressure thermocouple sensor two wire system is simpler, general customers know how to wiring, a line connecting the power supply positive, another line is the instrument is connected to the negative power supply line, this is the simplest, pressure thermocouple sensor three-wire system is based on two wire system added a line, this wire is directly connected to the power of the cathode, a two wire system a little trouble. Four wire pressure thermocouple sensor must be two power input, the other two are signal output terminal. Four wire system mostly voltage output instead of 4 ~ 20 ma output, 4 ~ 20 ma called pressure transmitter, most made two wire system. Pressure of the thermocouple sensor signal output of some of them are not amplified, full scale output only a few millivolts, thermocouple and some of the pressure sensor in the internal amplifier circuit, output in a full range of 0 ~ 2 v. As to how to display instrument, to look at the range of instrument is how much, if you have and the output signal of gear, can be directly measured, otherwise to add signal adjusting circuit. Five thermocouple wire pressure sensors and four wire were similar, five line system of thermocouple sensors on the market is less.

pressure thermocouple sensor installation points

1) Open the monitor before connecting the pressure thermocouple sensor system.

2) Disinfection measures opened the package, was used to ascertain all interface security seal and three-way valve and other auxiliary work in good condition.

note: connector, not screwed too tight.

3) All his cock should be stamped with protective cap hole, until the thermocouple sensor system filled with heparin saline solution and row after the bubble, to change into a protective cap without hole.

4) The pressure thermocouple sensors connected to the monitor, the monitor zero according to the monitor.

note: a) If unable to zero, please replace thermocouple sensors to zero; If zero is not successful, please check the cable connection, monitor, etc. b) DPT - has been installed 248Ⅱ、CH - DPT - 248 Ⅲ thermocouple sensor, want to use color code to identify blood pressure type: red - - - Arterial pressure; Blue - - - Central venous pressure; Yellow - - - Pulmonary artery pressure; Green - - - Left coronary artery pressure; White - - - The other.

5) With heparin saline flushing pipeline, although the road side by side in the air.

note: line can not have bubbles residues.

6) After all the lines filled with heparin saline, connect the thermocouple sensor system to the human body.

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