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Pressure sensor how to make the district gas furnace pipe system safer?

by:JVTIA     2021-01-11
Learned application in gas type pressure sensor in the general price is very cheap, now with the comprehensive development of various sensors, have some pressure sensors, temperature and humidity sensor and gas sensor, a common application on gas burners, such not only can determine how much gas in the gas supply pipe, also can be used to measure the purity of gas, there is also a useful function is to test whether the gas leakage and to ensure the safety of the user. In gas furnace is mainly used to measure the gas pressure sensor in the gas pressure in pipeline, in order to determine whether the gas sufficient or whether the leak, installed in the furnace inlet outlet. Because gas is has certain corrosion resistance, so requires has corrosion resistance, pressure sensor in the moisture, and has a higher demand on the thermal performance, if it is a special gas stoves, and anti explosion. Pipeline gas pressure is usually an atmospheric pressure, so the pressure sensor range in general is 0. 1MPa。 After all, is the precision requirement of civil general is not very high. Gas furnace is widely into the households, both rural and urban use gas type are most, compared with induction cooker, gas furnace is easy to use, safe, the advantage of cost savings. More about how to deal with the pressure sensor noise problem please call 15312451261/0512 - Contact us 55291586, focused on automation instrumentation detection control.
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