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Pt100 temperature sensor bearing use and installation of the point

by:JVTIA     2021-01-11
Bearing heat resistance overview

bearing thermal resistance is suitable for the bearings with bearing equipment and other occasions subject to shock temperature measurement. Brady instrumentation co. , LTD. , the production of bearing heat resistance with suspension structure bearing surface can be strengthened in, thus improves the accuracy of temperature measurement.

bearing thermal resistance use

suitable for neutral and oxidizing medium, good stability, has a certain nonlinear, the higher the temperature the smaller resistance change rate; Copper resistance in the temperature range of a linear relationship between internal resistance value and temperature, temperature line number is big, suitable for corrosive medium, more than 150 susceptible to oxidation. The most commonly used with R0 = 10 Ω, R0 = 100 Ω and R0 = 1000 Ω etc, their index number of Pt10 respectively, Pt100, Pt1000; Copper resistance with R0 = 50 Ω and R0 = 100 Ω two kinds, their index number for Cu50 and Cu100.

signal connection

thermal resistance using three wire connection. Using three wire system is to eliminate the measuring error caused by the connection wire resistance. This is because the measuring thermal resistance of circuit is usually unbalanced bridge. Thermal resistance as a bridge bridge arm resistance, its connection wire ( From the thermal resistance is controlled by the) This part also become a part of the bridge arm resistance, resistance is unknown and change with environment temperature, cause measurement error. Using three wire system, will lead a received the power supply end of the bridge, the rest of the two respectively from thermal resistance of bridge arm and adjacent bridge arm, this eliminates the wire line resistance measurement error.

heat resistance is the resistance changes of temperature change is converted to electrical component at a time, usually need to get the resistance signal through wire transfer to the computer control device or other instrument on at a time. Industrial heat resistance is installed in production field, and there is a certain distance between control room, so heat resistance of the wire on the measured results will have great influence.

to install the bearing resistance points

1, in order to make the brady bearing thermal resistance measurement end and had good heat exchange between the measured medium, should choose the observation points, try to avoid the valve, elbow and pipe and equipment installing heat resistance near the corner of the

2, with a protection casing thermal resistance of heat transfer and heat loss, in order to reduce the measurement error, insertion depth of thermocouple and thermal resistance should have enough

( 1) For thermal resistance temperature center fluid, usually should be measuring end is inserted into the pipe center ( Vertical or inclined installation) As the current body of pipe diameter is 200 mm, the thermal resistance should choose insert depth 100 mm;
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