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Questions about the precious metal rhodium _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Rhodium is a kind of similar to bluish white metal of aluminum, qualitative hard and brittle, has the strong ability of reflection, especially soft heating condition. Rhodium chemical stability is good. Rhodium oxidation resistance is very good, in the air can keep gloss for a long time. Rhodium with oxygen at high temperatures generated volatile oxide, increase its evaporation rate. But when heated, rhodium covered a layer of black oxide film, and when the temperature exceeds 1200 ℃ oxide film will disappear. Rhodium for acid ( Except for sulfuric acid) , and sulfur, chlorine and fluorine of high corrosion resistance. High temperature strength of rhodium is very good, but cold plastic processing is a bit poor performance. Rhodium is by British chemist will liam. Russ series - WilliamHydeWollaston) Discovered in 1803. Soon after he was found palladium rhodium were found. Wall rough platinum Russ series first dissolved in water, and then use caustic soda NaOH neutralizing excess acid, sedimentation and and in the solution out of the ammonium chloride of platinum and palladium, containing mercury cyanide residue with hydrochloric acid after treatment, to avoid excess cyanide mercury, keep dry. Treated with alcohol residue is presented for the deep red rhodium salt and sodium salt powder, the powder in hydrogen flow heating can be output rhodium. A by-product of rhodium by nickel production. Can also be found in the platinum ore, used as a catalyst in platinum alloy. : the main purpose of rhodium is used as a high quality scientific instruments wear coating and catalyst, rhodium platinum alloy used in the production of thermocouples. Also used in plating in the headlights reflectors, phone repeater, fountain pens. Automobile manufacturing is rhodium users. Rhodium in the auto industry is the main purpose of automobile exhaust catalyst. Other industrial sector consumption rhodium is glass manufacturing, teeth glinting alloy manufacturing, jewelry products. But with the continuous development of fuel cell technology and fuel cell vehicles technology gradually mature, automobile industry will continue to rise by the rhodium. Platinum group metals and alloys have a lot of important industrial applications. Still the past was mainly made to concentrate lead chamber of dilute sulphuric acid, has also made the standard metric scale platinum-iridium alloy and Jordan farmar. In the middle of the 19th century, Russia had made platinum-iridium alloy of gold in the market. At present, the main purpose of the platinum group metals and their alloys for manufacturing catalysts. Platinum rhodium to molten glass has a special, resistance to corrosion can be used to make production of glass fiber crucible. Platinum, iridium, platinum, rhodium, platinum, palladium alloy has high burning arc resistance, is used as the electric contact alloy, this is one of the main purposes of platinum. Due to platinum chemical properties of stability, pure platinum and platinum rhodium or experimental vessels such as crucible, platinum-iridium alloy electrode, the resistance wire is BiBeiWu chemistry lab. Platinum cobalt alloy is a kind of machining hard magnetic materials of high magnetic energy product. Platinum and platinum alloy is widely used in the manufacture of all kinds of jewelry, especially the diamond ring, watch case and pins. Platinum or palladium alloy can also be for dental materials. Platinum, palladium and rhodium for electric plating, often used in electronic industry and jewelry processing. Ruthenium and platinum coating titanium anode in recent years instead of the graphite anode in the electrolytic cell, improve the electrolysis efficiency, and prolong the life of the electrode, is very important in the chlor-alkali industry to technology improvement, open up new ways for ruthenium in industry use. Osmium and iridium can make pen, and stylus. Palladium alloy is used in the manufacture of hydrogen purification material and high temperature brazing solder, etc. Also use bags platinum equipment in the chemical industry.
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